YFM 99.2 FM

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Categories: Talk

Warning: Adult material. Uncensored Rock and Uncensored Talk- Learn all about making money in the Adult industry
Location: Fort Lauderdale, USA - Florida
Speed: 16k mono
Language: English
Site: http://www.yfm.co.za/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

YFM 99.2FM is a radio station that is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa and it plays Hip Hop, R&B and House genres of music. This youth radio station was established in the year 1997 and is very popular among the youth of South Africa. YFM 99.2 FM online radio station is the leading youth radio station in Gauteng. The slogan for the radio station is 'Yona Ke Yona' and it means 'For the Youth'. According to the radio station, their target audience is the young South African community that is made up of imaginative, ambitious and curious youth. This community is always looking to make their lives and that of the community better and therefore catering to the needs of this group is important - according to the radio station.

YFM 99.2 FM online radio station started broadcasting from the suburbs of Bertrams in Johannesburg. The radio station was met with a lot of skepticism but in just one month of its launch, there were many South Africans who were tuned into the radio station. Reports say that in one month, more than 600,000 South Africans had tuned into YFM99.2 FM online radio station and this has risen to 1.2 million over the years. More than 500,000 South Africans have said that YFM 99.2 FM online radio station is their favorite radio station and that the programs are something that they can relate to easily. As the popularity of YFM radio station grew, the online feed of the radio station was streamed into the many online radio websites on the internet. Most of the websites that provide online streaming of radio channels will have YFM 99.2 FM online radio station, as it is very popular among the young generation. Many South Africans tune into this channel online and listen to programs that have been designed with them in mind.

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