Channel profile

Religious station from Mayaguez Puerto Rico
Location: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Speed: 64k stereo
Language: Spanish
Site: http://www.eleden.net/wtpm/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

WTPM Radio Paraiso 92.9 AM is a religious radio station that is broadcasted from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. This online radio station broadcasts programs in Spanish Language and is available in 32kb WMPro and 32kb QuickTime streams. A 64k stereo stream of the online radio station is also available on the web. This online religious radio station is one of the popular religious channels in the region and it has a large audience base that spreads across the entire region. The programs that are broadcasted by the online radio station are mostly related to religion and these programs help to propagate the various facets of the religion.

There is a lot said about the benefits and the changes that online radio has brought about to the radio industry. However, one should not forget to consider the disadvantages that online radio has such as lower sound quality of transmission when compared to the quality of transmission of terrestrial radio stations, the issues one might face due to bandwidth limitations and the problems related to the media player. It is true that the advantages of online radio is much more when compared to the disadvantages, but it is better to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of online radio to avoid any kind of disappointment in the future.

WTPM Radio Paraiso 92.9 AM radio station was launched in the year 1971 by Brother Mr. Ricardo Vega. From a very humble beginning in 1971, WTPM Radio Paraiso 92.9 AM online radio station has grown to become one of the most listened to religious and gospel radio station in Puerto Rico. The radio station has spread its area of transmission to other countries and areas outside of Puerto Rico and the online feed of the online radio station is available in most online radio websites on the internet.

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