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Categories: Dance

Dance station from San Juan Puerto Rico
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Speed: 20k stereo
Language: Spanish
Site: http://www.salsoul.com/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

WPRM Salsoul 98.5 FM is a Spanish Language online radio station that plays Salsa and Tropical genres of music. This online radio station is located at San Juan, Puerto Rico and transmits at 20k stereo quality. The music that is played on WPRM Salsoul 98.5 FM online radio station is primarily dance music and therefore it is very popular among the young generation. The radio station also has an online feed that allows people from all across the globe to listen to the radio station.

Online radio station is an online content stream of audio music and voice that is broadcasted over the internet. Most of the online radio stations that are available over the internet are online feeds of radio stations that are broadcasted all over the globe. These online feeds are provided by the radio stations or can be acquired from various other sources on the web. These online radio stations are linked to online radio station websites that provide its visitors with a large collection of online radio stations from all across the globe. These online radio station websites act as a destination point for people who want to listen to online radio as they are only a medium used to be connected to the online radio station stream.

The online feeds of radio stations are available all over the internet and it is not tough to find the stream of your favorite radio station. However, using the stream can often be an issue, as you may have to configure your media player to listen to the stream. Websites that provide online radio stations will have embedded players that you can use to play the radio station of your choice, by just clicking on the play button. Operating the embedded player is as simple as operating the media player in your computer and therefore it is very easy and a preferred option for online radio lovers.

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