WARNA - 94.2 FM

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The ultimate music portal for streaming bengali intenet online radio, featuring bangla rock, adhunik, rabindrasangeet, nazrulgeeti, rabindra, nazrul, baul, kirtan from Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Location: Germantown, USA - Maryland
Speed: 16k mono
Language: Malay
Site: http://www.warna.com.sg/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

WARNA - 94.2 FM is a radio station that plays adult contemporary music in Malay language. This online radio station is broadcasted from Caldecott Hill Estate in Singapore and is owned by the MediaCorp group. MediaCorp is a group that operates 13 local radio stations in Singapore. The radio stations that are owned by the group play diverse programs that cater to all the residents of Singapore. It is a known fact that Singapore is a culturally diverse nation that has people from various cultural background living in the country. The radio stations that are owned by MediaCorp group have ensured that they cater to the requirements of this diverse cultural setup of Singapore.

WARNA - 94.2 fm online radio station plays infotainment programs, news and lifestyle magazine programs in Malay language. The radio station also plays evergreen and contemporary Malay hits and it is one of the most listened to Malay radio stations in Singapore. This local radio station can now be heard all over the world thanks to the online feed of the radio station that is now available through various websites and networks across the globe. Through online broadcast, Malay speaking people who are spread over various parts of the world can hear this radio station and remain updated with the happenings in Singapore, while listening to some of the best Malay hits.

Online radio has had a profound influence on the way people listen to radio. Geographical boundaries are now not an obstacle for people to listen to the radio of their choice as almost all popular radio stations is now available as online radio stations. Many online radio websites have a large collection of online radio fields that can be listened to by people based on their preference of location, language or genre of music.

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