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Categories: Gospel

Gospel station from Birmingham AL
Location: Birmingham, USA - Alabama
Speed: 24k mono
Language: English
Site: http://wagg610.com/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Days are passing. Man takes birth in the world as a child, grows up from the childhood to youth and youth to adult, then old and one day falls victim to death. Life ends in this world. However, is the life successful in this world? Gospel gives the answer of this question. Do you always remember the teaching of Gospel? Do you want the words of Gospel in your reach? It is reachable to you through WAGG Heaven 610 AM radio broadcast. The words of Gospel, the four books of the New Testament, always influence you with entertainment in English.

In this material world, people face problem because they are away from the teaching and life style of Christ. The pessimism can be removed only through materializing the Christ's teaching in our life. WAGG Heaven 610 AM radio, a Birmingham based radio station, has brought this opportunities to you with entertaining music basing on the words of Gospel.

Justice with mercy is the main idea of New Testament that comes overthrowing the idea "Vengeance is mine, I'll repay". Are you thinking of a relief from this hard and fast universe? Tune it for a relief and develop an ideal world within full of peace. You will be tuned to lead your peaceful happy life.

WAGG Heaven 610 AM radio is one of the leading U.S. Gospel radio stations at your reach with. It will connect you with the Christ and to the holiness of mind. Are you unable to carry device for listening the radio? Use the online version from http://www.watvon.com. Login here and search for WAGG Heaven 610 AM and you will find your heart's content of Gospel music here. It is the total solution of life at one click. Don't miss a second, you will deceive if you don't enjoy it.

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