Channel profile

World Asia station from Hanoi Vietnam
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Speed: 20k mono
Language: English
Site: http://www.vonradio.com/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Voice of Nevis 895 AM is a radio station that plays World music, particularly Adult contemporary music from Hanoi, Vietnam. This online radio station broadcasts at 20k mono quality and it is one of the first radio stations to be launched in the Island. The online radio station also plays various programs that are related to news, weather and religion along with the music programs. This radio station is the most popular and most listened to radio station in the island. The programs are mostly related to adult contemporary music, while some programs related to World music are also played by the radio station.

The online radio station is transmitted at 20k mono quality and this is the only drawback that one can express about the online radio station. As most of the programs played are related to music, the need for a higher quality broadcast has always been mooted forward. However, as the internet infrastructure in the islands are not efficient and up to date, the idea of a higher quality broadcast has always been set aside. Even if the radio station broadcasts at higher quality, the listeners may not be able to listen to the radio station without interruptions, as their internet connection speed would be limited.

There is a theory that most online radio stations have with regard to quality of broadcast. They give priority to interruption free listening experience rather than quality. People listen to radios for personal entertainment; therefore, the aspect of quality is not looked into much by the listeners. As long as the streaming of the radio is without interruptions, listeners of the radio station will not have any issues regarding the low quality transmission of the radio station. In well developed countries, most of the online radio stations broadcasted will be of high quality as the internet network in such countries will be more organized.

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