Channel profile

Speed: 16k mono
Language: French
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Radio Kiskeya 88.5 FM is a radio station that broadcasts News and talks shows from Haiti. This online radio station plays programs related to talk shows and news in French language at 16k mono quality. The quality of the radio station is not great as it only transmits at mono quality. However, the quality is adequate for a news and talk show radio station, as it does not play music. Only channels that play music should provide a high quality transmission, as people do not prefer to listen to music at low quality.

Online radio stations are transmitted in a variety of quality from 16k mono quality to 128k stereo quality. Some radio stations transmit at higher bitrate than 128k and will require a fast internet connection to be listened to without any interruptions. The quality of the online radio station is determined by the type of programming that the online radio station transmits and by the location from which the online radio station is transmitted. If the online radio station is playing programs that are related to music, it will have to transmit at preferably a stereo quality with a minimum of 32k bitrate.

Online radio stations that are transmitted from regions that have poor internet connectivity, will tend to broadcast at lower quality as the required internet infrastructure may not be available in the region of broadcast. The online radio station should also consider the location and the internet connectivity available in regions where the listeners are located. If the audience are located in areas where there is poor internet connectivity, transmitting a high quality signal will only deter people from listening to the online radio station, as there will be many interruptions. People who have a fast internet connection will opt for channels that are broadcasted at high quality as it will provide them CD like quality music.

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