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Speed: 32k stereo
Language: Spanish
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Are you bored of listening to radio stations playing music all day long? You do not have access to TV and thus do not know how can you know what is happening in the world around you? Looking for a good radio station where you can hear news and talks on political issues and important things about what is going on in the world? If your answer to all these (or any of these) questions is yes, then your problem is solved. Radio Isla is here for you. Radio Isla is a radio station based in San Juan, broadcasting on the frequency of 1320 AM, this news channel gives you news, reviews and talks on all the hot issues in Spanish language. So, if you are familiar with Spanish language, then all you have to do is to tune into 1320 AM and start listening to the news on Radio Isla.

Radio Isla discusses all the important political issues of the region, also has many interviews programs, and talk shows. You can get to know about the on-goings of the region by simply listening to this radio channel. You can also get to listen to this radio channel online through internet. So all you need is an internet connection. provides you access to Radio Isla and other radio stations as well as TV channels online. You just need to open the browser, search for your desired channel/ station and start listening/ watching. Do not waste any time to benefit from this opportunity. Just click the above mentioned link and start enjoying your favourite programs online. Stay updated about what is going on around you by listening to news channels, get hope and positive influence in this world full of despair by listening to Christian channels. Get connected to GOD and Jesus Christ just by tuning into the desired Radio/TV station.

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