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Categories: World

Speed: 24k mono
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Radio Gold 90.5 FM is a radio channel that plays classic hit songs. This online radio station is broadcasted from Accra, Ghana and is available in 24kb stream. Radio Gold 90.5 FM online radio station has a great collection of programs that plays world English music. The radio station has a large following in Ghana and now across the globe after its online radio station went online. People who are residing outside Ghana now listen to the online radio station and this has greatly increased the popularity of the radio station worldwide.

People are opting to listen to music online as there are many advantages to it. The cost of listening to online radio is minimal and the only cost that you will have to bear is the cost of the internet that you require to listen to online radio stations. Most of the online radio stations that are available in the internet are broadcasting free feeds and therefore one does not have to pay to listen to such online radio stations. Another advantage is the variety of options that is available to people as people can choose the type of songs that they want to listen to and find many online radio stations that play their favorite type of music.

Internet is now available in almost all parts of the world and this allows people to listen to online radio channels whenever they want. If you want to listen to 70s jazz songs, you will be able to find online radio stations that play only 70s jazz songs. If you want to listen to any other genre of music, you can search for it on the internet and you will find a whole host of online radio stations that will play the type of music genre you are looking for. Finding an online radio station that plays a genre of music of your choice is easy and simple.

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