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Speed: 32k stereo
Language: Persian
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Radio Farda is a Persian radio station that transmits programs related to national news and talk shows in Persian language. This online radio station is broadcasted from Tehran, Iran and transmits at a minimum quality of 32k stereo quality. It is one of the most popular news radio stations in Iran and it provides the latest and up to date news about the various events happening in Iran and the world. This news and talk show radio station also provides a few programs on music and many feel that the channel has the right blend of music and news, which makes it a very popular choice among many Iranian listeners from around the world.

Radio Farda was started in December 2002 and it is a 24-hour radio station and has become popular despite the many restrictions that are imposed on the radio station by the Iranian government. In many Middle Eastern countries, the governments have restrictions on the media and therefore it is not possible to get accurate information about news and happenings in the country. The government will ensure that the audiences get to listen only what they want them to hear. Radio Farda was opposed to this and had taken on the government by providing accurate information about the happenings in Iran.

The power of online radio is still to be unleashed, according to many experts. The reach of online radio is much greater than what we are able to see now and these experts believe that in a few days radio stations will only be available through internet as it will help radio stations reduce costs and give them the opportunity to reach out to a much larger audience. As technology improves, cheaper and advanced internet radio receivers will be available in the market, which will allow people to listen to online radio station from all over the world.

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