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Speed: 24k mono
Language: Serbian
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Radio Dukagjini 94.5 FM is a Serbian radio station that plays world music songs in Albanian language. This online radio station is transmitted at 24k mono quality from Goles in Serbia. Radio Dukagjini 94.5 FM online radio station is part of the Dukagjini corporate setup and has been transmitting from the year 1999. The online radio station began as a local radio and transmitted in the local region before it was granted license as a national radio in the year 2000. There are not many radio stations in Serbia and therefore there has always been a strong following for Radio Dukagjini 94.5 FM in the Serbian region.

Radio Dukagjini 94.5 FM online radio station provides 24 hour programming and the programs are created and broadcasted from two studios that are owned by the radio station. One studio is at Peja and the other is at Prishtina. This radio station, which was very popular in the Serbian region, is now available as an online radio station and this has greatly helped to increase the popularity of this radio station across the world. As the internet has opened up new avenues for this radio station, the promoters have ensures that they make the maximum use of this opportunity to spread the name of this radio station to places much beyond its traditional transmission base.

Radio enthusiasts believe that the way forward for the radio industry is online radio. In the coming years, the number of online radio stations will be much higher than what we have today and this will provide people with a large selection of online radio stations that they choose from to listen to songs of their choice. The popularity of online radio has prompted many terrestrial radio stations to provide online stream of their transmission. This trend of online stream of professional radio stations has been a boon for radio listeners across the globe.

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