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Categories: Dance

Portuguese language Dance station
Location: Cape Verde
Speed: 20k mono
Language: Portuguese
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Praia FM 94.1 FM is a Portuguese language dance station that transmits at 20k mono quality. This online radio station transmits Portuguese language dance songs from Cape Verde. Dance music has slowly gained in popularity over the years and is now one of the most listened to music genres across the globe. The popularity of dance music is attributed to the increasing affinity of the youth of today to electronic music. Most of the dance music that is created today is electronic and this strikes a chord with the modern generation. Not all dance music is electronic as some performers still create classic dance music songs for particular dance types.

Many have felt that that increase in popularity of Electronic Dance Music has had a large influence in the increasing popularity of Dance Music. Electronic Dance Music has been around for many years - from the 1970s to be precise. However, the popularity of Electronic dance music began to increase only during the 1990s. The increase in popularity has been attributed to the change in attitude that is seen among the young adults of today. The modern generation is more attracted to the electronic style of music and not to the classic style of music. This has had a great influence on the increase in popularity of dance music in recent years.

Many online radio stations that play dance music will be focused on playing songs that the audiences want to listen to and therefore you can find that most of the songs that are played in these online radio stations are electronic dance music songs. The number of electronic dance music performers has also increased and they are creating many EDM songs than classic dance music songs. However, these online radio stations do have separate programs that will play classic dance music numbers at off peak times.

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