OLI - 96.8 FM

Channel profile

Indie Artists only! Our "easy mix" channel featuring a pleasant blend of Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Instrumental and CCM.
Location: Houston, USA - Texas
Speed: 16k mono
Language: Multiple
Site: http://www.oli.sg/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

OLI 96.8 FM is an online radio station that plays Indian music at 16k mono quality. This online radio station is popular among people of Indian origin as it plays songs in many languages and from many genres of music such as Pop, Instrumental, CCM, Folk and Adult contemporary. OLI - 96.8 FM online radio station is transmitted from Houston, Texas, USA and is a 24 hour online station that plays a variety of Indie songs. A large population of Indians is residing in United States and in many countries across the world and this online radio station is one of the favorite online radio channels for many of the Indians across the globe.

OLI - 96.8 fm online radio station plays only Indie artists songs and the channel provides an easy mix of Indian songs across many genres. Indie pop is one of the most popular forms of pop in the world as it has a unique mix of traditional instruments used in Indian music that are combined with instruments that have a western influence. Indian instruments like table, dholak, sitar, harmonium, Sarod, flute etc are combined with electronic instruments, piano, various percussion types to create a unique blend of music that attracts people from all origins.

Indie music is also popular among people from other origins and Americans as the music is pleasing to the ear. The smooth and soft music from India is retained in most of the Indie music genres and this has been largely responsible for the success of Indie music in all parts of the globe. OLI - 96.8 FM online radio station plays songs from various Indian languages and this is much appreciated by the people as India is a diverse country with many languages' and this channel allows people to listen to songs of their preferred language.

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