Channel profile

Top 40 Haskovo Bulgaria
Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria
Speed: 22k stereo
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Metro FM 92.4 is an online radio station that plays music of Pop and Top 40 genre. The online radio station is broadcasted from Haskovo, Bulgaria at 22k stereo quality and it plays English pop songs. The channel also plays Top 40 pop songs, which keeps the listeners up to date with the latest pop songs that have been released. Pop is one of the most listened to music genres in the world and this has led to the introduction of many pop online radio stations across the globe. The popularity of pop genre has been attributed to the localization of pop music all over the world. Different versions of pop are played across the globe and this local flavor to the pop genre has made it the most popular music genre in the world.

Almost every music lover would have listened to pop songs and many of them would consider pop songs as one of their favorite music genres. As more subgenres and fusion pop are being created, the popularity of pop is increasing and this provides opportunity to online radio stations to embrace pop as one of the most broadcasted music genre. Pop songs have always found many followers and it is due to the unique style that pop songs tend to have. The unique combination of styles of music makes pop music additive and fresh.

Many online radio stations play only pop songs and one such station is Metro FM 92.4 online radio station. This online radio station also plays the Top 40 songs along with the pop songs and therefore a large number of people listen to this channel in Bulgaria and all across Europe. People who are far away from Bulgaria can also listen to this online radio station as the boundaries have been overcome by the internet.

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