Channel profile

Buddhist Radio from Sri Lanka
Location: Internet Only
Speed: 48k stereo
Language: Tamil
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Lakhanda FM is a Buddhist online radio station that is broadcasted from Sri Lanka. This radio station is an internet only radio station that broadcasts programs in Tamil language. The transmission is at 48k stereo quality and many Buddhist followers from around the world, especially people of Sri Lankan origin listen to this Buddhist radio channel. This World Asia genre online radio channel broadcasts programs that are related to Buddhism and the various teachings of Lord Buddha. People who are not Buddhism followers also listen to the radio as it provides some great information on life and on how a person can make his life meaningful.

Religious online radio stations are available in plenty on the web, but the number of Buddhism related online radio stations are sparse. Unlike other religious such as Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, the number of people who follow Buddhism are considerably less. Therefore, the number of Buddhist radio stations available online is very limited. Buddhism is a religion that is confined mostly to the Indian subcontinent and therefore there are not many Buddhist followers in the world. However, many statistics have shown that Buddhism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Online radio stations provide people with the opportunity to share their concepts about religion to others. Religious channels that propagate love and peace across the globe are generally liked by the people and therefore will have a large following. On the contrary, there are religious media channels that propagate hatred and instigate violence against people of other communities. These channels and radio stations wrongly propagate information to influence people of one religion to consider the people of other religion as enemies. Many governments have begun to crack down on such online radio stations, but many keep surfacing, making the whole scenario a complicated and a dangerous one.

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