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Speed: 32k stereo
Language: Spanish
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

La Grande 99.3 FM is a Spanish online radio station that plays Pop and Top 40 genres of music. This online radio station is a popular Spanish radio station as it plays popular Spanish pop music that is liked by many Spanish speaking people around the world. Spanish pop or Latin pop is pop music that has a Spanish or Latin influence. This type of pop music should have originated from Latin Europe or Latin America and it is sung in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese or any other romance languages. Spanish pop songs that are sung in English can also be found, but they are not as popular as the songs that are sung in other languages.

Latin pop has had many great performers such as Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Trevi, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and many more. Spanish pop has many followers across the globe especially among people who are from Latin descent. Latin Pop is one of the most popular Latin music genres today. However, before the arrival of artists like Shakira and Ricky Martin, Latin Pop first reached a global audience through the work of bandleader Sergio Mendes in the mid-1960. In the 1970s, legendary artists like Julio Iglesias and Roberto Carlos defined the romantic music.

Latin pop was one of the most popular forms of Latin music during the 1980s and 1990s in United States. Spanish pop was able to reach beyond people of Latin descent and many Americans started to enjoy this new style of music. Many regional and international instruments are used in Spanish pop songs such as conga, bass, keyboard, cowbell, trombone, timbales, Spanish guitar, claves, trumpet, piano, drums and accordion. This unique combination of instruments makes it a unique music type and this is responsible for the popularity that it has gained over the years.

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