LMFM 95.8 FM

Channel profile

Dance station from Briley France
Location: Briley, France
Speed: 128k stereo
Language: English
Site: http://www.lmfm.ie/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

LMFM 95.8 FM is a dance station that broadcasts from Briley in France. This online radio station transmits at 128k stereo quality to provide some of the best dance numbers for people who love to dance. The online station is based in France, but it plays variety programs in English dance music. Dance music will be completely or mostly instrumental to facilitate dancing. Dance music can be played live or it can be a recorded piece. Only a few dance studio online radio stations exits in the world and LMFM 95.8 FM online radio station is one of the most popular online radio stations in Europe that play dance music.

Quality of transmission is very important for a dance station as low quality music can take the joy out of dancing. Dance stations are meant to be played loud and if the quality of transmission is low, the quality of music output at higher volume of sound will not be good. LMFM 95.8 FM online radio station broadcasts at 128k stereo, which is almost similar to the sound quality that you will get from a CD. Even though broadcasting at such high quality has its pros, one should not forget the cons.

When online radio station is transmitted at high quality, it requires a fast internet connection to listen to the radio without interruptions. If the internet connection is not stable and adequate, there will be interruptions, which is definitely something that one wants to avoid while listening to a dance station. If there are interruptions, people who are dancing listening to the online radio will lose their rhythm of dancing and this can often create many problems. The onus is upon the listener to ensure that the internet connection used to listen to the dance studio is a stable and one that is sufficient to enable seamless streaming of the online radio station.

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