KWVE - 107.9 FM

Channel profile

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa - K-WAVE of living water
Location: San Clemente, USA - California
Speed: 16k mono
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

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Music can do a lot for you. It can soothe your nervousness while waiting for a job interview. It revitalizes your stressed mind and gives you time to relax. It can inspire someone and console a broken heart. Music is a means of expressing what one is feeling. So what are you waiting for listen to WMPR 90.1 FM. You can search them on the internet and check also their site, if you want to be a member, look for videos, events, and to contact them. They are also having broadcasts to which you can listen to and participate.

Live streaming for WMPR 90.1 FM is possible so you do not have to worry if you cannot locate the channel on your radio. All you have to do is go online search for the radio station or search for, this is a live streaming site that hosts a lot radio station as well as TV channels that you can access for free. So what are you waiting for go online and enjoy the music and broadcasts from the radio channel station of your choice or watch TV shows online.

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