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KMOX 1120 - The voice of St. Louis
Location: St Louis, USA - Missouri
Speed: 32k mono
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

To keep yourself updated with what's going on in our society, country, and in the world, it is very important to hear or watch the news. But sometimes to make news more attractive and to gain publicity few media such as television, newspaper add spices. So the news you are watching on the television or reading in newspaper might not be correct to rely on. KMOX 1120 is a radio channel which is mainly known for collection of recent news and here you will get the original news without any add-ons. Other than this, in television, you will find many shows like crime petrol, fire file etc. which has a psychological impact on today's youths. It attracts youths towards many unethical deeds.

KMOX 1120 is dedicated to being the source of entertainment and dominant information. This radio channel was founded on Christmas Eve of 1925. This channel is being heard in almost 44 states and throughout much of Mexico, Canada, and Caribbean. KMOX 1120 news, sports, and talk is the information life line for Mid-America day in and day out. This channel is the most trusted source of news to mid-America's people. You will get news on many areas such as on politics, crime, business, health, entertainment, and world news and all are genuine. Sometimes you can refresh your mind by playing music. In simple words, you will get all kind of facility in this channel from news to sports, music, and talk show, and there is no negative impact.

Anytime and anywhere you can hear this radio channel. The only thing you are required to have is an internet connection. Just type on your browser and search KMOX there. So try to keep yourself away from the television from where you will gain nothing but negative influence and sometimes it might bring you towards a downfall. It's not too late to turn you away from the bad things. Start hearing this channel and get positive motivation in your life.

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