KHCB - 105.7 FM

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Houston Christian Broadcasters, Inc. - "Keeping Him Close By"
Location: Houston, USA - Texas
Speed: 16k mono
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

We watch the television in order for us to entertain ourselves, but most of the time it makes people and kids follow the wrong way. It has so many negative impacts. Violence is displayed here too often and youths get affected seeing them. So for entertaining and to get refreshed yourself, you can hear the radio instead. Radio is the perfect mode of getting relaxed where you can hear the song, news, talk show etc. Now you can hear radio in the internet also. You can try at the KHCB-105-7-FM-3192 radio channel. This radio station is broadcasting a Christian radio format. It is owned by a Christian broadcaster and licensed in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 1962 this radio station has been offering Christian programming on a non-commercial basis.

The KHCB-105-7-FM-3192 radio station programs consist of Christian music, Christian talk shows, and teaching programs. From these programs you will get to learn many things as well. Few names of programs are local bible study, SRN news headline, heaven today, Listen to the bible etc. In "Local bible study" program, you will get many ideas about bible and will get to know many unknown history as well. "SRN news headline" is another important show where many people discuss Christian matters. Many other programs you will find in this radio channel like discussion about health, cooking, weight loss, music, how to stop smoking are also very interesting.

Anywhere and anytime you can hear this radio channel. Just get an internet connection in your PC and type in your browser. Then search for KHCB-105-7-FM-3192 radio channel. There are many incidents happening in all over the world, and you can get news from this single place. And that is possible from anywhere in the globe. So log in to this channel and tune in to listen and entertain yourself.

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