Channel profile

Speed: 32k stereo
Language: Spanish
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Guasca FM is a radio station that plays a wide range of Latin hits. This radio station broadcasts two radio channels Guasca FM 94.1 that plays Spanish music and Guasca 90.3 that streams Spanish news. Both Radio channels are broadcasted from Medellin, Columbia at high stereo quality. When online radio station is transmitted at high quality, it requires a fast internet connection to listen to the radio without interruptions. If the internet connection is not stable and adequate, there will be interruptions, which is definitely something that one wants to avoid while listening to a radio station. Therefore, if you are listening to a radio station that is broadcasting at high quality, ensure that you have an internet connection that will be able to stream the radio channel without interruptions.

The quality of transmission of radio stations are important especially if you are listening to radio stations that play music. Ideally, online radio stations that play music should broadcast at stereo quality. There are some online radio stations that broadcast at mono quality due to various constraints, but the listening pleasure will be much less in such radio stations. Latin songs are generally peppy and rhythmic and therefore can entice people to dance. For dancing, it is important to have music played at good quality to allow people to enjoy the music while dancing. The clarity of the radio is dependent on the reception that is received and if you have a bad reception, the quality of the radio will be compromised. Online radio allows for high quality streaming of radio all across the world. The limitations with regard to reception are not a factor. If the online radio is transmitting and if you have a decent internet connection, you will be able to listen to the online radio without any problems.

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