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World music from Ghana
Location: Ghana
Speed: 32k stereo
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Ghana Waves is an online radio station that plays World music and is broadcasted from Ghana. Ghana Waves is broadcasted at 32k stereo quality and it plays English songs of World music genre. World music is the music category that comprises of different music styles from across the globe. There is a lot of scope to experiment in World music, as it is usually a fusion of many styles of music. Most of the world music songs will be a combination of traditional or cultural style of music with an international flavor. The songs that are created through such combinations will be very popular with the people, as it will give them a feel of the traditional or cultural music in a modern outlook.

Many people tend to term World music as fusion music as it is formed by combining or fusing different style of music that are different from each other. The term World music was coined in the 1960s and has gained much popularity during the 1980s and the 1990s. Many conflicting descriptions and definitions of World music exist, as there is no accurate definition of World music. The terminology of World music is evolving and there are newer versions and styles of music that are now being considered as part of World music.

World music is created using traditional and modern stringed instruments, which includes both acoustic and electric stringed instruments, keyboards, wind instruments, percussion instruments, synthesizers and plucked tongue instruments. As World music is a fusion of many styles of music, the instruments used for creating the music is varied and it will include some traditional and region specific instruments. The popularity of World music is responsible for the surge of online radio stations that play only world music songs. The number of world music online radio stations is a proof to the fact that World music is very popular across the globe.

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