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Categories: Dance

Adult Contemporary station from Guatemala City Guatemala
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Speed: 44k stereo
Language: Spanish
Site: http://www.fabulosaestereo.com/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Fabulosa Stereo 100.5 FM is a radio station that plays Adult Contemporary music. The online radio station is located at Guatemala City and transmits at 44k stereo quality. The dance and adult contemporary songs that are played by the online radio station is in Spanish language and it is a popular online radio station among Spanish music lovers. Adult contemporary music has a large contingent of fans across the globe and this has led to the launching of many online radio stations that play adult contemporary music. People always like Song of dance music genre as it provides them with the entertainment and impetus required to pep up their mood.

As the popularity of dance and adult contemporary music genres are increasing, many new artists are bringing out albums in these genres. As online radio stations provides people with the opportunity to listen to radio stations from across the globe, it is now possible for people to listen to songs that are from all parts of the globe. Usually, the songs that are popular in a region are played in the traditional radio stations and this allows for people only in that region to enjoy the music. Online radio has breached the boundaries and now allows people from all across the globe to listen to songs that are popular in any part of the world.

Many people tune into online radio stations to listen to their favorite genre of music. Websites that provide a large collection of online radio stations are popular amongst people as it provides them with the option to choose online radio stations based on the genre of music they play or based on the location from where the online radio station is transmitted. Local radio channels can now be heard online, thanks to the advent of internet and the increase in internet connectivity across the world.

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