Channel profile

Speed: 128k stereo
Language: Russian
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Europa plus is a Russian online radio station that plays Top 40 and Pop music songs. Europa Plus online radio station that plays Russian music is one of the most listened to online radio stations in Russia, as it is known to play some of the best songs in the Top 40 and Pop music genres. Russia is a very large country and there are many inhabited or less populated areas. Traditional radio stations will not be able to cover such areas as they will be in faraway places or will have geographical barriers. Online radio stations are the best hope for such people as they will be able to listen to their favorite songs through the internet.

Online stations that play Top 40 and Pop music genres will have a wide variety of programs that they can offer to their listeners. Europa Plus online radio station broadcasts at 128k stereo quality. 128k Stereo quality is one of the best quality transmissions that are available in the world of online radio. To listen to such high quality music, one will need a fast internet connection or else there will be interruptions, which can spoil the whole fun of listening to music. The Top 40 and pop music genre songs that will be played through such channels will be of very high quality and similar to the quality that you get to hear while listening to a CD.

Even though many online radio stations that play top 40 and Pop music genres exits, only a few play Russian songs. Most of the other online radio stations play primarily English music, as such songs will have a larger audience across the globe. Russian online radio channels will be listened to, only by people in the Russian federation or by Russians who are living in other countries.

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