Channel profile

Speed: 32k stereo
Language: Philippine
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

DZRH - 666 AM is an online radio station that is broadcasted out of Philippines. This online radio station streams at 32k stereo quality and plays programs that are related to news and talk shows. News Talk genre online radio stations are not the most popular types of online radio stations, as the programs are not related to music or entertainment. The online radio station will play talk shows that are related to the recent events happening in the region and all over the world. These online radio stations are tuned into by people who like to keep themselves informed about all the happenings in the region and would like to know the views of other people regarding the events.

The number of news talk online radio stations is very less when compared to the online radio stations that play music. The lack of online radio stations is due to the lower levels of popularity that exists for such online radio stations when compared to the entertainment based online radio stations. However, some news talk radio stations have been broadcasting for many decades and have certain programs that many people tune into. Talk shows that involve celebrities and famous personalities will always have a larger audience as people are eager to listen to what celebs and famous personalities have to say.

By tuning into an online radio station that plays only content related to news talk, you will be able to keep yourself updated with the recent events in your country and across the globe. As the number of online radio stations that play only news talk content is very less, you will have to search for these online radio stations on the search engine or will have to find a website that streams various types of online radio stations.

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