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Speed: 24k stereo
Language: Greek
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Are you wondering what the real meaning of life is? Do you want to be closer to God? Do you experience problems which you think is weighing you down? Don't look further. The radio station Church of Piraeus is here to serve you with the programs that you need for your spiritual needs. You will surely be healed from all the pains and heartaches of life by becoming an avid listener to this station. This is the station which will fill the emptiness in your life and make you feel complete again. It will make you realize the beauty of life.

The channel Church of Radio Piraeus is the perfect venue for your spiritual programs. It is actually broadcasted in the Greek language which many people love listening to because of the lessons in life that they learn through the Bible studies which is commonly aired by the channel. You will not lose your way again by listening to God's word through the scriptures. Be inspired by spiritual music. Be enlightened by the wonderful messages of the church songs. This can be a good station for the people especially the younger generation needing some guidance in life. Special programs for the holidays are also prepared during the Holy Week and during the Yuletide season.

Truly, this channel is more than just your ordinary radio station. It is better than that. It can be your friend through the hardships of life. Try listening to this station and start having a new and better life ahead. It is okay even if you do not have your radio set with you. You only need to have some internet connection and your speakers and you can now access the station Church of Piraeus 91.2. You may log in to and search for this channel.

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