Channel profile

Adult Contemporary station from Nairobi Kenya
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Speed: 20k mono
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

CAPITAL FM 98.4 is a Kenyan radio station that plays Adult Contemporary Music. This radio station is transmitted from Nairobi, Kenya and was established in the year 1996. The radio station plays programming that are a mix of dance, jazz, hip hop, new jack, techno, RnB, neo soul, rock and Kenyan music. The radio station is very popular among the upper and middle class Kenyans and it caters to the audiences in Western Kenya and Mombasa. The online stream of the radio station is broadcasted at 20k mono quality as well as stereo quality and the option is available to the listener to pick a stream of their choice.

Capital FM 98.4 was the second radio station that was launched in Kenya, after the Kenyan airwaves were opened up for the radio stations. This liberalization has meant that there were many new radio stations that were launched, but Capital FM 98.4 has been able to stay well ahead of the other radio stations. The programming designed by Capital FM caters to the requirements of all age groups, sex, cultural backgrounds and income group. Capital FM 98.4 was the first radio station in Kenya to play rock music and many in Kenya consider this radio station as the home of rock music in Kenya.

Some of the biggest radio presenters in Kenya have all had a stint at Capital FM 98.4 In fact, most of them started their career with Capital FM and therefore this radio station has had an important role in nurturing the radio talent available in Kenya. The radio community in Kenya owes a lot to Capital FM 98.4 as it has provided the community with not just a great radio station, but has identified talent who are now serving the various radio stations operational in Kenya.

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