CJSE 89.5 FM

Channel profile

French language Adult Contemporary from Shediac NB Canada
Location: Shediac, Canada - New Brunswick
Speed: 32k stereo
Language: French
Site: http://www.cjse.ca/
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

CJSE 89.5 FM is an adult contemporary online radio station that plays some of the best Adult contemporary songs from all across the world. This French language channel is located at Shediac, Canada - News Brunswick and is transmitted at 32k stereo quality. Adult contemporary music is a genre of music that ranges from the vocals of 1960s and the soft rock music of the 1970s to the present day ballad heavy music. Adult contemporary music is considered the continuation of easy listening and soft rock - the music styles that became very popular during the 1960s and the 1970s.

Adult contemporary music is a genre that is heavy on romantic ballads that is created using acoustical instruments such as saxophone, acoustic guitars, pianos and occasionally bass guitar. An orchestral set is also used for adult contemporary music and in recent years, the use of synthesizers and other electronics such as drum machines have changed the way adult contemporary music is now made. A lot of importance is given to melody and harmony in adult contemporary music. Most adult contemporary music will be melodic and that will get the attention of the listeners. This genre of music is also well suited to be used as background music as it is inoffensive and pleasurable.

For adult contemporary music lovers all over the world, online radio stations that play only adult contemporary music is their favorite destination. If you want to relax after a day of hard work, listening to adult contemporary music will be a good idea as the song will have a soothing effect and that will calm down all the stress that has built inside you. If you want to find online radio stations that play adult contemporary music you can visit any of the websites that stream live online radio stations or search for the stations using a search engine.

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