Channel profile

Music to work by: Light Jazz Sounds...
Location: Boston, USA - Massachusetts
Speed: 22k stereo
Language: English
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online) is an internet radio station that is broadcasted from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The online radio station is broadcasted at 22k stereo quality and it plays English songs that belong to the Easy Listening genre, particularly Light Jazz songs. The online radio station is very popular among Jazz lovers as it plays classic jazz songs that date back to the 1920s. The advent of internet radio stations have given music lovers the opportunity to listen to songs from their favorite genres and artists. As there are many internet radio stations available all over the internet, listeners have many options that they can choose for listening to their favorite songs.

During the age of terrestrial radio, the options available to radio listeners were limited as it was an expensive affair to broadcast radio terrestrially. As the popularity of internet grew, radio stations started to move over to the internet from terrestrial transmission and they were able to discover a new set of audiences who were profound music lovers. By switching over to the internet, where the cost of broadcasting radio stations was comparatively much less, radio stations started to be formed in plenty all over the internet. As the number of internet radio stations grew, the options available to the listeners also increased.

Very few online radio stations play songs of Easy Listening genre. However, has a large following due to the varied collection of songs that are played by the internet radio station. The radio station plays some of the best Jazz songs that have released over decades and this has largely helped the radio station get this large following. Some of the songs that are played in are not played in any other radio station, as they are classics that are from the 1920s and 1930s. This wide range of jazz collection is the reason for the huge popularity of this internet radio station.

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