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The Bible Broadcasting Network presents Conservative Christian Radio consisting of traditional hymns and sacred music along with inspiring Bible teaching in Spanish.
Location: Charlotte, USA - North Carolina
Speed: 20k stereo
Language: Spanish
Site: URL:
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

Nowadays internet radio has become the choice of many customers who love music. You will get many benefits there like to hear online radio you do not need to download music file from internet to your computer or Laptop. You can listen to music over the internet in real-time. So you can save hard disk space in your PC. On internet radio, you will get many radio channels and all kinds of songs and for all generations. You can also hear music depending on your mood. Another thing is, in television when you are listening to songs or watching something, very often advertisements gets interrupt which is very boring and annoying. Listeners get irritated and find some other sources of entertainment. So the better alternative is the internet radio.

BBN-Spanish-4700 is a radio station which you can try on internet. This channel mainly broadcast many important and inspirational programs on bible and Christian program. By tuning on BBN-Spanish-4700, you can get good lesson on bible. After a busy schedule, you can rest yourself by hearing this kind of program. This is also a mode of relaxation which you do not find in television. Rather television programs sometimes motivate you to go in wrong way. Other than bible teaching you can hear sacred music and traditional hymns in this radio station.

If you are thinking how to find this radio channel, just type in your browser and search for BBN-Spanish-4700. The main advantage of this live streaming radio is, you can play it from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection. You do not need any electricity or power connection to use internet radio. So do not be the last, start today and tune in to this radio and get positive motivation and inspiration in your life by listening to the words of the Bible.

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