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Speed: 48k stereo
Language: Spanish
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

If you are not already aware, we are leaving in the information technology era. One of the new emerging technologies is the streaming technology, which in short allows you to stream television, radio and other media via an internet connection. If you are a fan of radio, this means you will get to listen to your favorite radio station using your internet connection. offers you a host of free online radios, Alegre being among the most popular. Here are some of the benefits of streaming this radio station as opposed to tuning your regular radio: Enjoy music in real time- One of the most advantageous things about streaming this radio station online is that you get lo listen to music in real time. You do not have to go through the process of downloading music files, storing them in your computer and playing them with a player. This in turn saves your hard disk space for other important things and gives you more time to do your work.

Listen to what you love- Besides listening to music in real time, internet radio also offers you a chance to listen only to the kind of music you love. Usually, you are able to choose which genre you want to listen to and the radio station will only stream that genre. You do not have to go endure through a song you do not enjoy.

Easy access- it is true that you will not always have your radio with you such as times when you are on the move. This means you are not always able to listen to your favorite radio station using the radio or your player. However, with internet radio, you can be able to do exactly that since the web is available anywhere in the world, and the radio frequency is not affected even when you cross state lines.

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