103.5 FM

Channel profile

Speed: 32k mono
Language: Spanish
Site: http://www.1035fm.com.ar
(!!!Attention: this radio is not always online)

The words go like "Old is Gold". The music goes with retro 60s-80s. The old world of music opens its door and enchants our mind with blissful joy of the old. No, I am not saying about the cassettes or CDs of the past. I am saying about music on radio station with the best effect of the past few decades. 103.5 FM takes you a few decades past with the high quality sound effect of the Spanish music ranging from 60s to 80s. The mind gets winged and travels through time machine of music and takes a break from the recent pop-music and enjoys the past.

Today's music world is metallic in nature and we are unable to get out of this at any cost. We are now habituated in hard beat of music with loud sound. Expressionism is obvious through it. This hard metallic world gets a break through 103.5 FM charming the heart with softness of music that is all time hits. You will be touched with natural song collection of here played upon requests. You will be a changed man with the touchy songs of this FM channel. You can compare today with the old days via this radio station music.

You will not believe yourself how much music affects one. Broadcast in 32K mono, 103.5 FM has got popularity for its 24 hours retro music for all and its online broadcast. Watvon.com has brought this station online for you. The Spanish and Spanish lovers can surely be happy with this format of music. This station has got listeners both from the aged and the young. It proves that you will also be a regular listener of it once you enjoy it. Be a lover of 60s-80s, enjoy the full contents heartily. The station is waiting for you.

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