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General TV station.
(!!!Attention: this TV channel is not always online)

Zagros TV Channel is a general TV channel that is broadcasted from Iraq. Zargos TV is a satellite television channel that broadcasts programs in Kurdish language. The channel is only available through satellite as the local infrastructure for TV channel transmission is yet to be fully developed. Many of us are aware of the hardships that Iraq has gone through over the years and how the country is trying to thrive in a highly competitive Arabic world. Iraq after the war is slowing trying to build up and recover into one of the most prosperous countries in the middle east.

The name Zargos is taken from the Zargos Mountains in Iraq. The channel is broadcasted from Arbil, Iraqi Kurdistan in 576i (4:3) format. The online streaming version of the channel is also available which makes it possible for people from all over the world to view this channel from the comforts of their home or office. The channel offers a wide variety of programming that is related to entertainment, news and sports. It is one of the most popular TV channels in Iraq and the network also has radio channels that keep audiences entertained all round the clock.

Iraq is a Muslim country that has many restrictions on the type of content that can be broadcasted through TV channels. Zargos TV Channel adheres to all the restrictions and ensures that the programs that are broadcasted in the TV channel are within the norms that has been set by the Iraqi Government. If any of the channels do not adhere to the norms, they can be taken off the air by the Iraqi Government and will not be provided with another opportunity to broadcast content under the same TV channel. Therefore, all TV channels are extremely careful in trying to follow the various norms that are set by the Iraqi Government for the broadcasting industry.

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