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(!!!Attention: this TV channel is not always online)

Top channel is an Albanian channel that provides a huge variety of programs for the people of Albania to enjoy. The channel is a national commercial television station that is owned by the Top Media Group. The channel was launched in the year 2001 as a private channel. However, in the year 2009, it was awarded the national frequency and therefore became the national commercial television station of Albania. Top Channel is also the first channel in Albania to be available in 16:9 High Definition signal. The SD and HD versions of the channel are available in 16:9 formats.

The headquarters of Top Channel is located at Tirana Albania and the language of broadcast is Albanian. The channel is available to most countries in Europe since 2003 and it has a decent viewership percentage in many European countries. The channel has a few principles that it believes is very important. Some of the principles are accuracy, high speed of information, impartiality, ethical conduct and sound tone of moderation and respect. Though a lot of these principles can be siaputed, Top Channel still remains one of the most popular TV channels in Albania. The wide range of programs that are broadcasted by the channel make it very popular among all ages and this has been the strong force behind the popularity of the channel.

Albania is not a very large country and therefore it has been easy for Top Channel to reach out to all the residents in the country. The high definition version of the channel has been well received by the people and this has only bolstered the reputation of the channel among its viewers. As the channel brings out newer and better programs, the popularity of the Top channel is only meant to grow in the coming years.

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