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TV Polonia Channel is also known as TVP Polonia and it is the international channel of TVP (Telewizja Polska). The channel is also known as Telewizja Polonia or Telewizja Polska Polonia and it was launched in the year 1993. The test run of the channel was conducted towards the end of October 1992. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the TVP founded the channel. The broadcasting of this channel from Poland is done from the TVP headquarters located at Warsaw. The focus of the channel has always been to reach out to Polish speaking audiences outside Poland and therefore, preference is given by the channel to satellite transmission rather than terrestrial transmission.

The programs that are broadcasted by the channel are mostly the programs that are broadcasted by the many domestic channels of the TVP network. As TV Polonia Channel is more focused on people outside Poland, the channel has framed its programs by selecting the best of the programs that are broadcasted by other channels within Poland. The channel also broadcasts news that is related to events happening in Poland and from Polish/Polonia communities that are spread across the world. The channel is free to air and is broadcasted unencrypted through many satellites. The channel is available in cable, satellite, terrestrial IPTV and online, which gives users many options to receive the signal.

Only a few general TV channels that broadcast from a country will be focused on providing services to people who are away from their homeland. TV Polonia Channel is one such channel that has always focused on providing good Polish programs to the people who are residing outside Poland. This channel helps to bridge the gap that citizens of Poland might have by being away from the country through good programs and news that are related to Polish communities.

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