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Rede Las Americas
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Rede Las Americas Channel is a general TV Channel that is broadcasted from Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a Central American country that is famous for its beaches and tourist destinations. The people of Costa Rica speak Spanish and therefore the Rede Las Americas Channel broadcasts programs in Spanish. Costa Rica is a Latin American country that has been a democracy for more than 60 years and has been recognized by the United Nations Development Programme as a country that has attained better human development when compared to the other countries that are at the same income levels.

Costa Rica has the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Caribbean Sea to its East. The two shore lines are full of beaches and beach resorts that bring in hoards of people to Costa Rica for their vacations. Tourism is a major revenue getter for the government and the people of Costa Rica. The government has also given a lot of importance to the environment and it has plans to make Costa Rica the first carbon-neutral country by the year 2021. The country ranks fifth in the Environmental Performance Index of 2012 and was the first in the Americas. Costa Rica is the only country that met all the five criteria that were established to ensure environmental sustainability.

The local channels in the country such as Rede Las Americas Channel give a lot of importance to educating the public on environmental conservation and therefore they broadcast many programs that are related to environmental conservation. The government encourages such local TV channels to propagate the idea of conservation and therefore has been greatly successful in achieving what it has set out to become. If things continue as they are now, Costa Rica will become the first country in the world that is carbon-neutral by 2021.

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