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Public service broadcaster.
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RTM TV2 Channel is a public television channel hat is broadcasted in Malaysia. Radio Televisyen Malaysia, which is a division of the Malaysian Government, owns and operates RTM TV2 Channel. The channel broadcasts in 576i resolution and began its broadcasting in the year 1969. TV2 was formed when the primary network of Malaysia, TV1 was split into two to accommodate more programs, specifically sports events that were occurring at the same time across the globe. The headquarters of the TV Channel is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is also available in Singapore, Indonesia, Southern Thailand and Brunei.

The content that is shown in RTM TV2 Channel is partially censored, especially content that is related to violence and sex. Malaysia is a Muslim country and therefore there are restrictions to the type of content that can be broadcasted in the region. Astro is one of the most popular direct broadcast satellite platforms in Malaysia and both TV1 and TV2 Channels are available in the Astro Network. The channel is also available through Cable Network ABNXcess in channel 102 and in IPTV through Mio TV and UniFi. In the terrestrial network, the channel is broadcasted in VHF Band III, but in some places, it is still broadcasted in UHF Band 2.

There have been many controversies with the channel and the one to note is the controversy that surrounded the Formula 1 broadcast of the network in the year 2007 where the channel only broadcasted 7 out of the 17 races live in the season. The remaining 10 races were broadcasted as deferred live and this upset many people. People had concluded that the channel was not serious about one of the most important sports event in the world and that the rights should be given to private channels who will give the sport the required importance.

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