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MBC2 Channel is a free to air movie channel that was launched in the year 2003. It is the first free to air movie channel in the Arab World and is broadcasted as a satellite TV channel. The channel offers SDTV and HDTV picture formats in which the SDTV format at 576i is free to air. For the 1080i HD version, you will have to activate before you can receive the signal free to air. Initially the channel used to broadcast programs and movies that were subtitles in Arabic. However, after the launch of MBC 4 Channel, the television programs broadcasted in MBC 2 Channel was moved over to MBC 4.

MBC 2 channel that is owned by the Saudi broadcaster MBC Group, now only broadcasts movies, mostly American Hollywood movies. The channel also broadcasts British, Chinese, Canadian, Indian, French and other foreign movies too. MBC 2 Channel has negotiated many long term deals with Hollywood studios and this has secured them first run rights of many new movies and has provided the channel with a steady flow of top box office movies.

MBC 2 had recently secured a deal to show 32 Indian movies. This decision came following the successful broadcasting of ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, an Indian movie that was received well by the audiences and the advertisers. However, the 32 Indian movies ended up being broadcasted in MBC Max, a sister channel of MBC 2. This was done as the deal that was signed with the Indian films was part of the dubbed films package. By moving the film to MBC Max, the films could be broadcasted to Arab audiences as well.

MBC 2 Channel largely targets the Arabic audience, especially the young Arabs and therefore most of the programs that are broadcasted by the channel has had content for the youth. This strategy has worked as the channel is hugely popular among young Arab viewers.

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