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International TV station located in seoul.
(!!!Attention: this TV channel is not always online)

KBS 2 Channel is part of the Korean Broadcasting Service that is famous for the entertainment and drama programs it broadcasts. KBS 2 Channel is the drama and entertainment channel, which was formed in the year 1965 as Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (TBC). In the year 1980, Chun Doohwan, the president of military authorities who had passed a new law, merged it into the Korean Broadcasting service forcefully. TBC was closed on November 1980 and was re-launched as KBS 2 in 1982. The channel used to be broadcasted in analogue and Digital signals in the terrestrial network. However, the Analog TV Broadcast was terminated on 31st December 2012. The channel is also available on most of the South Korean Cable systems and also through satellite in SkyLife.

KBS 2 Channel is broadcasted in 480i SDTV format and in 1080i HDTV format. KBS 2 Channel is also available in IPTV through B TV, U+ TV and Olleh TV. You can also watch the channel through streaming media using Kplayer, KBS Onair, KOREALIVE, exitoostore and wubisheng. It primarily broadcasts entertainment and drama programs that are produced by KBS and airs KBS News 6 at pre selected time slots. KB News 6 is the only newscast service of the KBS network and it shares its content with the other channels in the KBS Network.

The entertainment and drama channel KBS 2 accepts commercial advertisements and this provides funding for the channel. KBS 1, the sister channel of KBS 2 does not air commercials and therefore is funded by the Network completely. The prohibition to air commercial advertisements is due to the revision that was done to the Broadcasting Act by the South Korea Government in the year 1994. Many of the dramas produced by Korean Broadcasting Service for KBS 2 Channel have been expoted to countries like Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, South America, Africa, North America, China and Japan.

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