Channel profile

Christian TV station.
(!!!Attention: this TV channel is not always online)

Emmanuel TV Channel is a religious Christian TV station that broadcasts religious programs related to Christianity. The motto of the TV channel is ‘Changing Lives, Changing Nations and changing the World’. The programs on Emmanuel TV are focused on providing people information about God and skill based programs that will help people to improve their skills. The channel broadcasts SCOAN live services on Sunday, Saturday and Thursday where people can witness practical teachings, revealing prophecies, touching testimonials, miraculous healings and much more. Some of the other popular programs in Emmanuel TV are ‘Standard For Life’, ‘God is Still Saying Something’ and ‘The Roadmap – Reaching out to a Troubled world’.

The basic mission of Emmanuel TV is
• To bring people close to Jesus and get the people to stay there
• To bring dynamic ministers of God to people who not only have faith, but also show their faith.
• To showcase the nature, strength, character, power, ability and life of God
• To create a spiritual atmosphere, where God lives in each home

Emmanuel TV is part of SCOAN International (The Synagogue Church of All Nations) that broadcasts from the African continent. There has been a surge of religious channels in recent past as different religious organizations are propagating their religion and reaching out to people who have faith in their religion. There have been certain issues related to religious channels in the past, where these channels have been used to spread hatred among other religions and has focused on trying to convert people of other religions to embrace a new religion. Emmanuel TV does not indulge in such activities and the programs that are broadcasted in the TV Channel is only based on the mission that have been set about by the promoters of Emmanuel TV.

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