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Abu Dhabi TV channel is a popular Arabic television station that broadcasts from Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates. The television channel was originally launched in the year 1969 and broadcasts to the Arab World through digital terrestrial network and to Australia, Europe, South America and North America through Satellite networks. He channel is owned by Abu Dhabi Media Company and was re-launched in the year 2000 and in 2008. Abu Dhabi TV channel rose to fame during the 2003 Iraq War when it provided spectacular coverage of the war even though it was not a 24-hour news channel.

Abu Dhabi TV Channel has given importance to news ever since it successfully covered the 2003 Iraq War and there are new bulletins every three hours that are broadcasted by the channel. The channel also broadcasts programs related to drama, politics, culture, documentaries, current affairs and entertainment along with the news. The network produces almost 60% of all programs that are aired by Abu Dhabi Television Channel. The analogue version of the TV channel has been terminated since February 2012 and the channel is now transmitted only in SD quality.

Abu Dhabi TV channel is broadcasted in 4:3 picture format with 576i, SDTV resolution. This is the normal broadcasting quality seen across continents and regions. However, there are a few channels that are broadcasted in full HD quality such as Discovery HD, Animal Planet HD, etc. These television channels are broadcasted through satellite and will have 1080i resolution giving life like clarity for the channels. Such HD Channels can only be transmitted through satellites, as the terrestrial networks in most countries are not capable of handling HD quality signals. Abu Dhabi TV channel is also available online through IPTV in Canada. You can also watch this popular TV channel online through any of the online TV network sites available on the web.

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