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(!!!Attention: this TV channel is not always online)

ASTV News1 TV (Asia Satellite TV News1) is a new channel that is broadcasted from Thailand. The news channel provides news and information on the various happenings in Thailand and across the world. This TV channel is one of the premier TV news channels in Thailand and has a large audience in the country and across its residents who are away from their home. ASTV News 1 is a channel that is part of the ASTV network of TV stations in Thailand and provides news 24/7 to its viewers.

The advent of news channels has largely changed the way new travels across the globe. There are more than one news channel in a country and each one of them are trying to get news to its viewers first. This has changed the way we can get news in this modern era. News is updated every minute and people are able to get up to date information in events that are happening around the world. Before the advent of news channels, people had to wait for news bulletins on national networks to get information on news across the globe and the news that were put our through those bulletins were limited. However, as news channels came into the fore, news is now available to people within minutes and this is much appreciated by people.

ASTV News1 is one such news channel that primarily focuses on the news and information related to Thailand. The news channel also provides news and information regarding important events that take place around the world. The 24-hour news channel is like a gateway or the people of Thailand to the outside world as it helps them to be in touch with world happenings. For citizens of Thailand who are settled abroad, this news channel will provide them with updates on what is happening in their home country regularly.

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